Last month I saw a film Paddington. Paddington is a  bear, who lives in Peru in the jungle with his aunt and uncle. The bear is not clever and he is very clumsy but he is very funny!
One day some explorers arrive at the jungle. They are from London, from the museum and they search for bears like Paddington and his family but they dont kill them. The explorers give Paddington a red hat (Paddington keeps wearing that hat all the time) and they swim away.

After the earthquake Paddingtons uncle dies and his aunt sends the bear on a ship to London. In London Paddington meets a family and they help him in a new city. The Brown family and Paddington have many funny adventures together.

I like this film, costumes (especially Paddingtons hat), colorful scenes and funny dialogues. I enjoy Paddington also because when I was in London, some years ago, we lived near the Paddington Station and my parent bought me a little Paddington bear with his funny red hat.

If you like comedies and you like to laugh you should watch Paddington.

Hania Olech

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