Last week, some students from our school, went to London for a trip. We went there by bus. We were travelling across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. To get to  Great Britain we had to drive through Eurotunnel. When we finally got to Great Britain the first stop we had were Dover Cliffs. After that we went to meet the families that we were going to stay with.
Next day, after breakfast, we went to see the London Eye. The view was breathtaking. Then we saw guard changing in front of  Buckingham Palace. After that we went to see Westminster, Downing Street, where the Prime Minister lives. The last thing we did that day was relaxing in Hyde Park.

On day four we went to Greenwich where we were making interviews with people. Next stop was the Tower of London. In the Tower we saw beautiful crowns. The most exciting thing that day was visiting  Chelsea London Stadium.

Day five we started with visiting Madame Tussaud’s Museum. We took a lot of pictures with wax figures of famous people and went to the House of Horrors. This was one of the most interesting things in our programme. Next we saw St Paul’s Cathedral and Natural History Museum and we finished that day with shopping at Harrods.

Day six was the best day of the whole trip because we went to Warner Bros Studio. We had an amazing time seeing the Harry Potters movie set, taking a lot of pictures and buying things with Harry Potter such as sweets and wands that we had seen in Harry Potters movies.

During the last day of our trip we did a lot of sightseeing of London. We walked along St. Kathrine’s Docks, saw HMS Belfast, a big war ship. After that we took a boat ride on the River Thames. Next we went to Covent Garden. The last attraction was shopping in Oxford Street. The best shop was the M&M’s world.

I really enjoyed this trip. It was definitely better than the one last year. I would really like to visit London again next year.

Ala Szczepańska